Projects Completed:

  1. Donation of Smart TV and CPU to Garolyachi Wadi School.
  2. Check Dam Creation :  Total Money Spent on Project is Rs. 2,30,000
  3. Soackpit Creation
  4. Library at Borwand

Current Projects Going On :

  1. School Help : जिससे आदिवाशी क्षेत्र के स्कूल में हम शिक्षा के स्तर को सुधारने की कोशिश कर रहे है ( Total Donations Needed Rs.40000. Donations Received Rs.23582 )

List of Projects to be working on in future :

  1. Skill Center ( ग्राम विकास केंद्र )
  2. Mobile Mohalla Clinic ( Basic Medical Facilities at your doorsteps in villages )