Pilot project of GSF and District Education Department of Hingoli

Dear Friends,

We can not build a strong and 1st world nation without educating its people. Nation building starts with giving access to quality education for all. We the team of Gram Swaraj Foundation taking small step towards it.

GSF and District Education Department of Hingoli district in Maharashtra state are going to start a Pilot project in some rural and tribal schools.

In this project we are trying to improve quality of education by providing quality education books which can help students to get better knowledge about civic sense. It will help to improve their IQ level as well as their self learning habits. This contents will be designed by the highly qualified teachers of the District Education Department. Once we start getting positive results by this exercise, we will implement it in the whole district and also recommend it the State Education Department as well to implement it in the Maharashtra state.

I would like to invite you all to become a part of the change. Our collective efforts can make big difference. Join us in the process of better nation building.

Team GSF

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